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Jim McAleer

CEO, Alzheimer's Orange County


Jay Lee, MD, MPH

CMO, Share Our Selves


David Edwards, MD

Harvard Professor, Inventor


John Dwyer

President, Global Alzheimer's


Joel Braunstein, MD

CEO, C2N Diagnostics


Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD

Professor, UCI School of Medicine


Mark Schafer, MD

CEO, Memorialcare Foundation


Fred Ma, MD, PhD

 Clinical Trials Executive


Professional Insight: Dr Dung Trinh

What made you want to work in preventative health? My desire to work in preventative health come from the fact that when I was a primary care physician – I only had 10-15 minutes to see my patients, addressing their acute concerns, refilling medications, placing specialist referrals...

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Doctors Explain What Autophagy Is—And, How to Enhance it

AUTOPHAGY IS A hot topic on TikTok, with videos tagged #autophagy racking up nearly 35 million views....

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What Happens If You Drink Out of the Same Water Glass for a Week, According to Doctors

Do you keep a glass of water next to your bed, refilling it each night without washing it? Or maybe you have a favorite water glass and use that same one for days on end, never bothering to put it in the dishwasher....

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5 Hand-Washing Mistakes That Can Expose You to Norovirus or the Flu, Doctors Say

Don't have time to wash your hands and think a squirt of hand sanitizer will be enough to do the job? Think again, says naturopathic primary care physician Devin Stone, ND, founder of biōReigns....

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Help the fight against Alzheimer's

Join clinical trial opportunities to help advance the research on Alzheimer's prevention and possible cure. 

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A virtual community outreach series bringing a sustained Alzheimer’s education campaign to clinical research centers across the US and addressing equity, diversity, and health disparities.

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For every patient officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, many more are living with this condition undiagnosed. Stay on top of this cognitive condition by knowing the symptoms and risk reduction strategies.