A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Aduhelm as the New Hope to Treat Alzheimer’s with John Dwyer

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Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that destroys the cognitive health of a person through memory, thinking skills, and ability to do simple tasks. It is one of the top five leading causes of death in Orange Country and the most common type of dementia. 

After a "drought" of 18 years, pharmaceutical giant Biogen has finally found a treatment that is currently the only disease-modifying medication FDA approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

As a newly approved Biogen drug, Aduhelm targets the protein beta-amyloid and helps reduce amyloid plaque in the brain. This plaque builds up over time as it interrupts the communication between brain cells resulting in cognitive decline  leading to dementia. Aduhelm is a monoclonal antibody that works by crossing the blood-brain barrier,  binding to the amyloid beta plaque in the brain, and initiating an immune system cascade that removes the plaque.  

We’ve invited John Dwyer in this episode to talk about Aduhelm, its risk vs benefit, how it works, and how this can make a significant change among people with Alzheimer’s. John Dwyer is the President of Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on accelerating clinical trial participation for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s. 

Listen to Episode 6, as we share valuable information in treating Alzheimer’s disease!

Memorable Quotes:

  • Primary care physicians and neurologists still don’t know all the Alzheimer's clinical trials that are currently available. - John Dwyer
  • The country is blessed with a very conscientious, ethical, and thoughtful medical community. - John Dwyer
  • Some medications may not work for everyone. - Dr. Dung Trinh

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Important Points:

  • Adulhem is a Biogen drug designed to reduce the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque
  • Beta-amyloid plaque potentially interrupts communication between brain cells that results in cognitive decline and is believed to be associated with Alzheimer’s. 
  • Adulhem works by crossing the blood-brain barrier and locating "Alzheimer's plaque" in the brain. It activates the immune system to remove Amyloid-beta plaque.

About the Guests:

John Dwyer is the President of Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation, a  serial healthcare entrepreneur, served as the co-founder and Chairman of Telcare, Inc., and co-founded Us Against Alzheimer’s. Click here for more information.

About the Host:

Dung Trinh, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of Irvine Clinical Research, medical missionary with TongueOut Medical Missions, and holds leadership positions with multiple health care organizations in Orange County. He is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and Host of “Health Talks with Dr. Trinh” which can be heard weekly on OC Talk Radio.

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