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Improving Brain Circulation with Technology

Dr Dung Trinh chats about  technology being tested to improve circulation to the brain.

Strategies to Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

Dr Dung Trinh discuss "6 Pillars of Brain Health" supported by research. Evidence-based lifestyle strategies.


Alzheimer's Risk Reduction

Dr Dung Trinh chats  about evidence based strategies to reduce Alzheimer's Risk at The Barnabas Group.


Integrating Acupuncture

Dr Dung Trinh discusses the science behind acupuncture treatment and integrative medicine.

3 Buckets of Alzheimer's Disease

Dr Dung Trinh discusses 3 categories of health factors that contributes to Alzheimer's disease.

Vitamins & Supplements Which One to Buy?

Dr Dung Trinh chats about if vitamins and supplements are needed, and how to select an appropriate product for your needs.

Tau Tangles - Evolving Research Alzheimer's Disease

Dr Dung Trinh discuss the relevance of Tau Tangles with Alzheimer's Disease. Emerging research differentiates the role of Tau in Alzheimer's disease.

Advances in Alzheimer's Research

Dr Dung Trinh discusses the latest advance in Alzheimer's Research. Every clinical trial pushes us a step closer to learning about this disease.

The Endocannabinoid System

Dr Dung Trinh discuss the stigma of medical marijuana, science behind how CBD works and emerging research being conducted.

Who is Dr Trinh?

Dr. Trinh is a medical missionary and well-known expert training others on evidence based healthy brain strategies, preventive health and wellness, inflammation, ketosis, and intermittent fasting. He has shared educational and medical knowledge on television, radio, professional associations, Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs, religious centers, local colleges, medical centers, senior centers, and at Alzheimer's Orange County. 

Dr. Trinh serves in leadership positions in a number of healthcare organizations and sits on several advisory boards, board of directors and helped found several successful companies ranging from healthcare to e-commerce.   His passion is to train leaders who are collaborators and lead by serving. 

InnovateWe promote an environment of innovation, creation, and entrepreneurship to improve our health and daily lives.

Educate - We deliver the latest findings in medical and health research out to the general public. Our goal is to translate the complexities of science down to a language that is understood by the every day person.

Collaborate - We are a platform for collaboration between groups and organizations sharing similar values of serving the community with the highest degree of care and a servant's heart.