How the Metaverse Can Help Improve Healthcare with the Arabian Prince

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How the Metaverse Can Help Improve Healthcare with the Arabian Prince

The digital world has become essential to our day-to-day lives and people from all ages and walks of life are engaged in it.

Metaverse, also known as the digital economy, allows its users to create, buy, and sell virtual items from one platform to another. Unlike the real world, Metaverse allows you to create your own persona that you can take everywhere as easily as you can.

Like most people, even in third-world countries, are now using their phones with the Internet, we can now possibly deliver healthcare to those who have a harder time accessing it.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Arabian Prince to give us ideas about the metaverse and how it could deliver healthcare to a multitude of people. This metaverse can be the highlight of how we shape the future, so don’t miss out!

Memorable Quotes:

  • Metaverse may be new to us, but in the gaming world, it’s just normal. – Dr. Trinh
  • Metaverse allows people who don't have access to explore, get help and talk to people who have the same health conditions as them or talk to doctors or physicians. – Arabian Prince
  • COVID has changed the landscape of the healthcare period. – Arabian Prince
  • The most important thing is to allow people who don't have access to health care to explore inside the metaverse. — Arabian Prince

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Important Points:

  • The future of technology is one and everything will interact.  Things like music and entertainment have just as much to do with health and wellness
  • If we unleash the creativity of every younger kid, we can have a lot of geniuses. 
  • Alternative medicine is going to be the rise of healthcare.
  • Doctors will know that you're not doing what you're supposed to do when they see your blood sugar levels going up in the metaverse. By that, they'll be able to help you a lot sooner
  • Metaverse is going to be community-driven which is something you can’t get in hospitals
  • In 2022, everyone is on telemedicine on a daily basis

About the Guests:

Kim Renard Nazel a.k.a Arabian Prince/Professor X is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and DJ. He is best known as a founding member of N.W.A. As a consultant, Arabian has advised many companies on bridging the gap between technology and the youth, while bringing new product innovations to market.

About the Host:

Dung Trinh, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of Irvine Clinical Research, medical missionary with TongueOut Medical Missions, and holds leadership positions with multiple health care organizations in Orange County. He is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and Host of “Health Talks with Dr. Trinh” which can be heard weekly on OC Talk Radio.

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