How Spirituality Affects Your Mental Health & Aids in the Healing Process with Eithne Keegan

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In a world where we’re constantly flooded with much more than we can handle, may we not forget to seek something to lean on for strength and hope.

Healthcare providers – particularly nurses, can best establish a relationship with their patients by fostering a relationship with them to promote healing and wellness.

Mind-body-spirit means that wellness does not only come from physical health but mental and spiritual health, as well. And to be healthy, we should always take a look at these three aspects of our nature.

In this episode, let’s listen to the different stories of healing through spiritual and mental support with Eithne Keegan - a Faith Community Nurse serving as an RN Advocate for the Hoag Faith Community Nursing Program.

Memorable Quotes:

  • Sometimes, one prayer with a patient is probably the most important thing that they have gotten out of the office visit. — Dr. Dung Trinh
  • Maybe healing has a different definition to God. It may mean that you’re done with your suffering and then come back to him. — Dr. Dung Trinh
  • Know that you are loved. — Eithne Keegan
  • Remember that even the homeless persons are children of God and He loves them as much as He loves you. — Eithne Keegan
  • Hug somebody today. — Eithne Keegan

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Important Points:

  • Because of burnout and all the things happening to their workplace, many people are going back to their religion.
  • Asking for consent is the most important thing. 
  • Nursing is a vocation that provides holistic care that doctors cannot give.

About the Guests:

Eithne Keegan is a Faith Community Nurse serving as an RN Advocate for the Hoag Faith Community Nursing Program. She is the National Coordinator of Healthcare Christian Fellowship, USA, a Global Healthcare Organization. In her spare time, Eithne enjoys walking, hiking, reading and traveling to places that are off the beaten track.

About the Host:

Dung Trinh, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of Irvine Clinical Research, medical missionary with TongueOut Medical Missions, and holds leadership positions with multiple health care organizations in Orange County. He is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and Host of “Health Talks with Dr. Trinh” which can be heard weekly on OC Talk Radio.

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