How Nutrition + Technology Can Prevent Chronic Diseases with Catlin Tran and Bing Mo

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How Nutrition + Technology Can Prevent Chronic Diseases with Catlin Tran and Bing Mo

Nutrition is a very important part of health and development. Better nutrition is related to being disease-free, a stronger immune system, and increased productivity. However, reality shows that it’s the other way around. The world is faced with a disheartening state of malnutrition that includes both undernutrition and obesity, making nutrition the main cause of death and diseases in the world.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Catlin Tran and Bing Mo of Nutripair to talk about their app-based technology to pair people with personalized nutrition solutions. They help people create simple, sustainable, and long-term dietary lifestyle changes to prevent and mitigate chronic illnesses.

As it is known, technology is a highly effective tool in educating and raising awareness among people. So imagine how effective it can be in guiding you to good nutrition and preventing you from chronic diseases? Listen to Episode 24 to learn more

Memorable Quotes:

  • Food is medicine. — Dr. Trinh
  • The food you intake determines what will happen to your body. — Paul Roberts
  • Discrimination does not exist within that realm of chronic illness. — Catlin Tran
  • The nutripair app can help you view restaurants that are available for your health needs. — Bing Mo

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Important Points:

  • The biggest problem in America is chronic illness prevention and nutrition management
  • Nutripair helps you manage your budget and time and alleviate the stress that’s causing chronic illnesses. 
  • Nutripair aims to pair people with the right food that they need.
  • Celiac disease is a very high and intense form of gluten intolerance 

About the Guests:

Catlin Tan is the Founder and CEO of Nutripair. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in Business Economics with double minors in Health Informatics and Management. She is utilizing her education to further heighten her knowledge in shaping the future of the mHealth industry. 

Bing Mo is a Software Developer at AWS Elemental, an Amazon Web Services Company, and the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nutripair. He is also an assistant organizer at World Harvest Faith Center where he assists events including Mother of the Year, Easter Egg Hunt, and Back to School Giveaway.

About the Host:

Dung Trinh, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of Irvine Clinical Research, medical missionary with TongueOut Medical Missions, and holds leadership positions with multiple health care organizations in Orange County. He is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and Host of “Health Talks with Dr. Trinh” which can be heard weekly on OC Talk Radio.

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